TIGER Series 69 Epoxy for interior applications

TIGER Series 69 features excellent chemical resistance, very good mechanical properties, good flow properties and excellent coverage. It is not suited for applications with UV exposure. It is available in select finishes and colors or in custom formulations..

Typical applications:
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pipe coatings
  • Pump housings
  • Surfaces where increased chemical resistance is required
Qualicoat and AAMA Material License Overview (PDF)

The pdf is an overview of material licenses under GSB (german building standard) Qualicoat (European standard) AAMA (American standard
(Click Here to Download PDF)

Product Data Sheets (PDF)

Series 69 Data Sheet Interior 

Series 69 Data Sheet Dryprotector Zinc-free Primer

Series 69 Data Sheet Zinc-Rich Primer

Series 69 Data Sheet Clear BHMA

Textured and Smooth Color Chart (PDF)

 Download Textured and Smooth Color Chart