When dealing with Galvanized Steel, two areas need to be addressed in order to achieve a coating without defects as well as proper adhesion.

  1. Out gassing, due to the Silica content, galvanized steel creates the same surface disturbances as cast aluminum & steel from out gassing. This can be dealt with by utilizing out gassing forgiving primers and/or topcoats.
  2. Adhesion of powder coatings to galvanized steel is achieved by eliminating the passivating film on the surface. It is essential that galvanized items not be quenched after the galvanizing process in order to leave the surface reactive. Due to this reactivity it is also essential the material is coated within 24-48 hours after galvanization to avoid or reduce oxidization that could again lead to adhesion issues.Additionally, it is recommended to sweep blast or run the parts through a chromate pretreatment to improve adhesion.