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What is TAS?:

TAS is an innovative service concept by TIGER for architects, planners, facade engineers and all those responsible for architectural tasks. The aim of TAS is to offer comprehensive consultation and working aid regarding interior and exterior coatings. The focus is on the use of powder coating systems for metal facades and steel constructions.

Your Comprehensive Service:

TAS is an open, dynamic and interdisciplinary system, which is in constant development in cooperation with all participating branches. The latest developments pertaining to creative, technical and economic aspects are discussed. Thus at an early stage in a project, concrete information is made available on subjects such as anticorrosion, finishing and design.

Website Features:

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toolsandresourcesProduct Specifications
Applications and editable document downloads and are available to help develop Product Specifications that are required for projects in the architectural industry.

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Color Selection
TIGER Drylac Color Selection Tool, Color Brochures and Charts, Customer color information and much more.

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Approved Applicators
Tigers approved applicators search. These applicators have been specifically selected because of their ability to provide quality service that will fit your specific needs.

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Download Center
This section allows users to download a large variety of documents that are frequently used and required in the architectural industry. AAMA Certificates, ISO Certificates, Color Charts & Borchures, Technical Guidelines, Product Specifications and much more.

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Product Series Catalog
Users have the ability to search an online catalog for product information, color charts and other information relating to TIGER Drylacs products.

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Getting Started
If your new to powder coatings you will be surprised how easy it is to get started working with powder right away. an overview of the 3 simple steps that are required is illustrated and additional information links are offered.

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Product Knowledge
Understand products and the differences between them can be a confusing task. TIGER Drylac offers a simplified approach to explaining these products so that customers are able to compare and make the right choices. Clear tables for selecting suitable coating systems and pre-treatment methods, colors, finishes, test values, quality standards and much more.

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Substrate Knowledge
TIGER Drylac offers a simplified approach to explaining substrates suitable  for coating systems and much more.

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Learning Presentations
This section includes a list of presentations and resources that will aid in the understanding of powder coatings and their use. Some examples are; Manufacturing Process, Pretreatment Process, Liquid vs. Powder, Application Process, and Environmental Considerations.

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projectgalleryProject Galleries
Photo Albums with descriptions are showcased here to inform, inspire and communicate what has been accomplished in the architectural industry using TIGER Drylac powder coating technology.

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tigericononlyTAS News
A list of articles, events and other information is offerered in this community section of the TAS website. Learn about recent developments in the industry.

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A list of articles, events and other information is offerered in this community section of the TAS website. Learn about recent developments in the industry.

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Contact information
Find contact resources such as TAS contacts and links to other resources.

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To get the perfect result with any project that you require for your particular application may take additional time and effort, but with the TAS support network and team of experts it will make you more efficient than every before. We look forward to hearing from you.



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with you on any needs you may have.

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Support by the TAS team can be found in several places. The best place to start would be to contact a TAS EXPERT. Here you can contact our team experts regarding any information that is regularly published and updated as TAS develops it.

There is much more!

You should not forget the TAS website itself. On the Main Menu you can access a variety of information which will provide you with the answers you need.

TAS is currently developing an online Support Forum in which you can find help and support from Community members as well as from TAS experts. The forum will contain a lot of information, FAQ's, just about anything you are looking for in terms of support.

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Specifying Powder Coatings is as easy as 1-2-3.

3 Easy Steps to accomplish your goals.

colorselectionStep 1. Choose your Product

Use these tools to find the information you require for you project. These tools are meant to guide you through the process and get you the answers you need.

Color Product Selection Resources:

Product Knowledge
Product Color Selection
Product Catalog

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specificationsStep 2. Write your Specification

Use our propriety specification building application or use our download center for editable specification documents for your project.

Product Specification Resources:

Product Specification Builder
Product Specification Downloads
Product Knowledge
Substrate Knowledge

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approvedapplicatorsStep 3. Choose your Applicator

Choose from a list of Tiger Drylac approved applicators to assist you in completion of your project.

Approved Applicator Resources:

Approved Applicators
Download Approved Applicator List
Product Knowledge

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Product Specifications made easier!

Architects and building planners today have a very wide spectrum of colors, surfaces, metallic- and special effects available, as well as functional powder coating systems for protection against severe corrosion, or for anti-graffiti prevention for construction elements of: Aluminum, Galvanized steel and Steel.

Part of the TAS service is helping in the understanding and writing of Product Specifications for whatever specific project is required. There are currently 3 methods we offer for gaining access to and aiding in the development of your specifications.


1. Specification Builder

Click here to access the Tiger Specification Builder

This tool will help you write a comprehensive specification including proper pretreatment, coating system and international standard, in a few easy steps. It is currently available for Aluminum, Galvanized steel and Steel.

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2. Download CSI 3-Part Specifications

Click here to download the 3-part specification forms.

Download our CSI formatted 3-Part Specifications in Word, Word Perfect or Adobe PDF format in this section.

Additional Resources:


3. Ask an Expert

Click here to contact one of our TAS experts.

Technical resources are just a click or a phone call away. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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