Product Specifications made easier!

Architects and building planners today have a very wide spectrum of colors, surfaces, metallic- and special effects available, as well as functional powder coating systems for protection against severe corrosion, or for anti-graffiti prevention for construction elements of: Aluminum, Galvanized steel and Steel.

Part of the TAS service is helping in the understanding and writing of Product Specifications for whatever specific project is required. There are currently 3 methods we offer for gaining access to and aiding in the development of your specifications.


1. Specification Builder

Click here to access the TIGER Specification Builder

This tool will help you write a comprehensive specification including proper pretreatment, coating system and international standard, in a few easy steps. It is currently available for Aluminum, Galvanized steel and Steel.

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2. Download CSI 3-Part Specifications

Click here to download the 3-part specification forms.

Download our CSI formatted 3-Part Specifications in Word, Word Perfect or Adobe PDF format in this section.

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3. Ask an Expert

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Technical resources are just a click or a phone call away. Don't hesitate to contact us!